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Position starts at $13.50*, can reach up to $17* within your first year.


Flattens out dough balls.

Pizza Artists

Sauces up the pizza, and adds toppings. Prepares veggies.


Baking pizzas, as well prepping all the dough.

Marketing & Graphics

Design graphics and manage campaigns

Interior Holiday Decorator

Decorate Pizza Del Re & our other properties

Lawn Care

Landscaping for Pizza Del Re


Starting at $11*, Manage all dishes, as well as helping keep the kitchen clean during busy hours.

Cashier / Front end

Starts at $11. Manage cash register, and interact with guests. Must have great communication skills. Must be able to match customer energy. Must have good problem solving skills.

Social Media Manager & PR

Help manage posts & campaigns for our social media

IT & Point of Sale (Toast)

Manage our POS systems and other IT related infrastructure

Frozen Pizza Account Manager

Manage all orders and opportunities related to our frozen pizza business.


Must be at least 17 years old (for cooks only)

Good communication skills

Good problem solving skills

Must be able to work full time (for cooks only)

Must show respect for all

Will have to go through a serv-safe certification course. (for cooks only)

*All starting wages listed above will begin after your training is complete.

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