Pizza Del Re

Pizza Del Re, A Legacy Continued

We want to ensure that this magnificent staple of the community is done the right way, so we wanted to thank everyone for their patience while we take our time perfecting the recipes, training the staff, and jumping over any unexpected hurdles, and there have been some! Our excitement grows every step of the way!

Are you keeping the same recipes?

Yes we are, the founders have been working along side us diligently to ensure nothing gets changed.

Will you offer take and bake pizzas?

Yes we will be.

Will there still be an arcade room?

Unfortunately there will not be. It would take an extra hand to maintain proper sanitation standards that would be taken away from customer service as well as kitchen assistance.

Will you be serving beer and wine?

We plan on applying for a beer and wine license around the same time that pick up and delivery is offered.

Ranch, what’s going on with it?

As you may know we do make our own ranch, we have teased about bottling it as well. As soon as we are done with pizza training our focus will go directly to just that, bottling our ranch! Pizza first, ranch second!

Will the banquet room remain?

Yes the banquet room will be utilized for requests, private parties, as well as large groups.

Will the salad bar be the same?

Yes the salad bar will remain the same, nothing will be changing.

Will Veterans, and current active military receive complimentary buffets?

It's well known that we have offered complimentary buffets to veterans and active duty military in the past. Therefore, it brings us no pleasure to inform you that we cannot continue with this tradition, given the massive investment we have made in Del Re. Kindly note that this change doesn’t override our respect and love for our veterans and active duty military members. We acknowledge the dedicated and selfless service they have given to our city and the entire country. Hence, they can expect complimentary buffets on Veterans Day, as well as all holidays that we are open for. It also may interest you that our company will be working with a charity that takes care of our local veterans. With all of this being said we do want to make a point that all veterans, military, firefighters, and community officers will receive a substantial discount for our buffet, as a thank you from the entire Del Re community for all that you do.

Quality Foods

At Pizza Del Re we use only the highest quality ingredients in our pizza. You can really taste the difference!

Local Ingredients

We source as much as we can from local suppliers. It's our pleasure to support the local community in every way we can!

Original Recipes

All of our recipes are remaining the same from the original Pizza Del Re. That's over 40 years!